What is Muracol?

Muracol Protect
1. What is Muracol Protect?

Muracol Protect is an original product based on Bulgarian buffalo colostrum. The exceptional beneficial properties of buffalo colostrum are enhanced by the addition of special fraction of cow colostrum, abounding in biologically active proline-rich peptides (PRPs). Muracol Protect is the only liposomal microencapsulated product combining the health benefits of both colostrum types. Muracol Protect has been additionally strengthened by adding some valuable bioactive egg yolk components. This widens and optimizes the range of its salutary effects. Muracol Protect is a unique combination of passive immunity elements – immunoglobulins, and active immunity elements – as PRPs, Igf-1 and TGf-a growth factors, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, conjugated linoleic acid. A probiotic complex has been added to Muracol Protect containing Lactobacillus bulgaricus (strain 3556); Lactobacillus acidofilus (strain 1379), Lactobacillus plantarum, Streptococcus thermofilus (strain 1374), Bifidobacterium bifidum (strain 1370), and the prebiotic inulin. On the grounds of this Muracol Protect has an exceptional potential for achieving and maintaining the optimal immune system function and the overall metabolism of the body.

2. Composition

Proline-rich peptides (PRPs). Muracol Protect contains a unique blend of PRPs from buffalo colostrum, cow colostrum and egg yolk. PRPs are transfer factors with key immunomodulating functions. They transfer information signals to the thymus for the production of the necessary cytokines depending on the nature of the relevant antigens. The most essential thing is that they recognize cancer cells as foreign antigens and initiate the production of native killer-cells against them, which explains their pronounced antitumor activity.

Immunoglobulins. Muracol Protect contains 5 types of immunoglobulins found in the colostrum – IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE and IgM, and one from the egg yolk – IgY. This wide-range immunoglobulin complex in Muracol Protect has a preventive function and strengthens the immune system in the cases of bacterial and viral infections, mycosis, acute and chronic allergies.

Lactoferrin. This is an important protein with proven anti-tumor properties. It also has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cytokines: Interleukin 1 and 6, interferon gamma, and lymphokines. Together with PRPs they participate in cell communication, they have anti-tumor and antiviral activity and an overall beneficial effect on the regulation of the immune system. Interleukins have been intensely researched as an anti-cancer remedy.

Lactalbumin. There is scientific evidence of the high efficiency of lactalbumin against some types of cancer and viruses. It increases brain serotonin, decreases cortisol levels and reduces stress.

Conjugated linoleic acid. It has an important role in the metabolism of fatty acids and proven antitumor activity.

Glycoproteins. They have inhibitory activity on proteases and trypsin, and protect the PRPs, immunoglobulins and growth factors from decomposition caused by proteolytic enzymes.

Lysozyme. Proven antibacterial properties.

Most components of Muracol Protect have antitumor effect. Their exceptional combination makes Muracol Protect highly beneficial. In general, the complex nature of Muracol Protect has the following effects:

Restores immune function and helps in the establishment of optimal balance
Destroys pathogenic microorganisms and helps eliminate them from the body
Restores cell communication and function
Stimulates tissue repair and regeneration
Stimulates the activation and differentiation of stem cells
Activates the productivity of the antibodies providing prevention from diseases
Increases cell strength, resistance and regeneration
Slows down the general body aging process

The liposomal nanoencapsulation of Muracol Protect is done using our own procedure (Innovation Certificate: IS No. 048/22.11.2016), which considerably increases its revitalizing potential. Inserted in liposomal microcapsules, Muracol Protect is safe from the decomposing activity of the gastric acid and proteolytic enzymes. This ensures maximum bioavailability of the product in the intestines. The similarity between the liposomal structures and the mucous tissue cells makes the contact between them easier and respectively facilitates the penetration of Muracol Protect components in the blood stream and then in the places of their activity.



What is Muracol Protect used for?

Muracol Protect is an original food supplement with proven beneficial properties, the most important of which are:
  • Muracol Protect can optimally supplement the nutritional plan before, during and after the surgery stage of malignant tumor treatment. It has a powerful regenerating effect during radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It restores and maintains the optimal immune system function and helps in overcoming the consequences of the disease and its aggressive treatment.
  • For control of defective and cancer cells within the admissible minimum norms and decrease of tumor formation risk.
  • For optimization of immune system improving the resistance against the main viral, bacterial, fungal, yeast, allergic and parasitic diseases.
  • Maintenance of the optimum metabolic balance, which aids in the maintenance of all bodily functions and good physical and psychological state. Slows aging down
Indications for use and dosage

Muracol is a completely natural product. There are no counter indications found. The dosage may vary in wide ranges depending on the condition and needs of the body.

  • As a supplement to the nutritional plan during surgical treatment, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy in cases of malignant diseases – 4 g (a well pressed measuring spoon), 3 times a day before meals for the whole period of treatment.
  • For optimization of the immune system and for overall strengthening of the body – for children and adults: 4g in the morning before breakfast
  • For restoration of the body before, during and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and in case of other severe diseases: 4g three times a day before meals

Stir Muracol well in 150 – 200 ml cool, preferably filtered or spring water.

Possible counter reactions

Muracol Protect is a completely safe product. There is no evidence of counter reactions. The possible intolerance to the contained lactose and egg yolk must be considered.

Indicators % for 1 day %
Energy kj/kcal/100g 1676/414 201.2/49.6 2.5
Fats 19.2 2.3 8.2
Immunoglobulins 24.9 3.0
Proline-rich peptides 7.9 0.9
Carbohydrates 34.2 3.0 1.2
– of which lactose 22.3 2.8
– of which inulin (fibres) 10.0 1.2
Proteins 34.7 4.2 8.4
Saturated fatty acids 12.9 1.5

5. How to store this product
Store Muracol Protect in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children. Shelf life: 18 months.

6. Additional information

6.1 Certificate – IS No. 048/22.11.2016 for copyrighted product – Innovation:
A method for direct use of egg yolk for microencapsulation of bioactive supplements for a full-scale utilization of their beneficial potential.

6.3. Additional information on proline-rich peptides

PRPs are the most important ingredients of the colostrum and of Muracol Protect. PRPs function as signaling peptides which are produced by activated macrophages and activated T-cells that control the production of all cytokines. These naturally occurring peptides are found all over the body and are the main regulators of protein synthesis. PRP are also referred to as info-peptides, info-proteins, or cytokine precursors.

PRP have the unique ability to modulate the immune system. When necessary, they increase the level of its activity – in case of infections and injuries, and decrease it when the challenge has been managed. When the intelligence agents of immune cells find an infection, special chemical signals are released to mobilize and attract other cells to join the defence against the infection. PRP are one of the first signals which occur at this time. Later on, when the infection is managed, again PRP are the main signals for normalizing the immune response.

Thymus cells – lymphocytes that develop in the thymus gland in the neck – have PRP receptors on the surface of their membranes. PRPs stimulate these lymphocytes to differentiate and mature either as helper T-cells which are part of the inflammation process against infection, or as suppressor T-cells which inhibit the inflammation process. PRPs regulate the differentiation and maturation of monocytes and macrophages, the cells normally found in the blood stream and the connective tissue which are involved in the inflammation.

PRP also induce resting B-lymphocytes – lymphocytes which develop in the bone marrow – to differentiate and form mature B-cells. B-cells are the only cells which produce immunoglobulins (antibodies). PRPs regulate the production of various cytokines which are signaling molecules that regulate immune response. Тhese include IL-6 (interleukin-6), IL-10, INFg (gamma interferon) and TNFα (tumor necrosis factor-alpha). This is one of the ways in which PRPs regulate the inflammatory response. Both IL-6 and IL-10 are anti-inflammatory cytokines, but TNFα is the main cytokine controlling the entire cascade of cytokines. Gamma interferon is also an inflammatory cytokine. It is particularly effective against viruses.

The inflammatory response comprises a series of events in which the body mobilizes its defences at the site of the infection. PRPs participate in the mobilization and control of immune cells production. PRPs stimulate the production of leukocytes, which are the main component of the inflammatory response. PRPs increase the permeability of the blood vessels in the skin and allowing immune cells and antibodies enter the tissue to fight off the infection. PRPs stimulate the natural killer-cells, which are a specialized type of „hunter killer“ lymphocytes. In case of infection they are the first to kill anything that identified as „self“.