Muracol Protect Kids

Food supplement, 120 g powder

Read this leaflet carefully. It contains information on how to benefit from the useful potential of Muracol Protect Kids

  • What is Muracol Protect Kids?
  • What Muracol Protect Kids is used for?
  • Indications for use and dosage
  • Possible side effects
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What Is Muracol Protect Kids?

Muracol Protect Kids is an original product based on buffalo colostrum, designed especially for children. In this complex product, the beneficial properties of buffalo colostrum are supplemented by the addition of a special fraction of cow colostrum enriched with biologically active “proline-rich peptides” (PRP). Muracol Protect Kids includes valuable bioactive components of egg yolk. The complex composition of Muracol Protect Kids is a unique combination of passive elements of immune protection, such as immunoglobulins, and active immune factors, such as BPP, growth factors Igf-1, TGf-a, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase,conjugate acid. A probiotic complex containing 10 beneficial bacteria is also added to Muracol Protect Kids. Muracol Protect Kids has an exceptional potential for the achieving and maintenance of an optimal immune system in children that can provide the needed conditions for the smooth functioning of all processes in the body necessary for normal growth and development.


Immunoglobulins. Muracol Protect Kids contains 5 types of immunoglobulins from colostrum – IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE and IgM,and one from yolk – IgY. Each of them includes a very wide range of specific immunoglobulins (antibodies) formed in the buffaloes and the cows in their daily contact with various viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms. This broad immunoglobulin complex contained in Muracol Protect Kids provides additional capacity to the immune system to provide protection against viral, bacterial and fungal infections, acute and chronic allergies.

Proline rich peptides (PRPs). Muracol Protect Kids includes a unique complex of PRP from buffalo colostrum, cow colostrum and egg yolk. PRPs are transfer factors with key immunomodulatory functions. They transmit signal information to the thymus about newly penetrated pathogens, which is necessary for the formation of a specific cellular immune response.

Lactoferrin. An important protein with proven antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.Cytokines: Interleukin (IL1 and IL6), Interferon-gamma and Lymphokines. Together with PRPs, they participate in the cellular communication, have protective action and beneficial effect on the overall regulation of the immune system. Interleukins are being studied extensively as an anti-cancer agent.

Lactalbumin. There is scientific evidence of high efficacy of lactalbumins against some viruses.

Glycoproteins. They have inhibitory activity against proteases and trypsin. Prevents the degradation of PRPs, immunoglobulins and growth factors by proteolytic enzymes.

Lysozymes. Proven antibacterial properties.

Probiotic complex. Ten Lacto- and Bifidobacteria: Lb. bulgaricus; Lb. acidofilus; Lb. plantarum; Lb. rhamnosus; Lb. helveticus; Lb. casei; St. termophilus; Bif. Bifidum; Bif. Longum and Bif. Infantis



Muracol Protect Kids has a very useful immunomodulatory potential that can be used:

  • For the development and maintenance of an optimal immune system in children
  • Helps the recovery of the immune system after illness
  • For prevention against viral and bacterial infections
  • To support the treatment of infectious diseases
  • For prevention and overcoming of autoimmune processes
  • For prevention and overcoming of allergic reactions
  • Helps the formation of optimal microbiome in the gastrointestinal tract and the processes in it.
  • Increases the strength, endurance and recovery of the body during physical stress
  • Supports all body functions and respectively good physical and mental status


To strengthen the body’s defenses. It can be taken all year round. It is especially important to take Muracol Protect Kids in the autumn and winter.

  • for children from 2 to 6 years – 2 gMuracol Protect Kids with 100 ml of spring water or milk (or yogurt), 15-20 minutes before meals
  • for children from to 12 years – 4 g Muracol Protect Kids in 150 ml of water or milk (or yogurt), 15-20 minutes before meals.

Muracol is an all-natural product. No contraindications have been found. This allows, exceptionally and in case of specific need – incase of viral and bacterial infections – to be taken 2 x 4 g/day, in the morning and in the evening.

IMPORTANT! Muracol Protect Kids should be used under medical supervision. Do not exceed the daily dose. The product is not suitable for use as the sole food source.


Muracol Protect Kids is a completely safe product. There is no information on any side effects.

NOTE. Please, take into account possible intolerance to the lactose and egg yolkcontained in the product.



Muracol Protect Kids must be stored in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. The shelf life is 12 months.


Muracol Protect Kids is liposomal productnano-encapsulated using our own technology (Certificate of Innovation: IS № 048/ 22.11.2016), which significantly increases its revitalizing potential. Inserted into liposomal micro and nano capsules, Muracol Protect Kids is protected from the degrading action of the gastric juice and proteolytic enzymes. This ensures maximum bioavailability of the product in the intestine. The similarity of the liposome particles with the membranes of the cells of the mucous tissue facilitates the contact between them and, accordingly, the penetration of the components of Muracol Protect Kids into the bloodstream and from there to the places of their actions.